Limpopo Entertainment On Another Level

By Thato Bmu
Wed January 04, 2023  0  0

Bolobedu Music Updates | Limpopo entertainment

Limpopo province made ripples during the holiday season of 2022, due to the immense success of events that took place in the area. These prestigious gatherings saw an influx of visitors from neighbouring provinces, eager to take in the festivities on offer.

In the realm of music, the province hosted a number of prestigious annual events that showed us that we no longer have to rely on other provinces for great entertainment. We saw stadiums and venues being filled up during some of these events

: The Bolobedu Get Together, Villager S.A Annual Music Generosity, The Baller Fest, Meet your Crush, Night Before, All Black Music Festival, Sekgosese Colour Festival, MOTHO KO HLAPA FARM, Tshwale Events Kick-Ash Lifestyle, The Grand Chill out, All White Bolobedu Festival, Waswa Moloi Music festival to name just a few

Local acts were accompanied by larger national acts in an explosion of music and energy, with Barolong Movement Kolobe and Matsiafela making frequent appearances on most of the events.

The Bolobedu sport calendar also boasted an abundance of prestigious fixtures. Makoti hosted Makoti Annual Soccer Tournament at Ramotshinyadi Sports Ground which is one of the most followed soccer tournaments in the area and is for 32 villages to participate in Makhakhapatje also saw action when teams competed in the General Skhokho Annual Soccer Tournament.

We had plenty of other soccer and music events than in the past years and 2023 may bring even better entertainment experience than 2022

- Thato Malematja