Two Reasons Why Ka Valungu By Tebza De Dj Was Removed From Spotify

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Wed July 19, 2023  0  0

The recent removal of Tebza De DJ's chart-topping single "Ka Valungu" featuring DJ Nomza The King from Spotify has sparked controversy and raised questions about copyright infringement and compensation for the original artists.
In this article, we will delve into the two primary reasons behind the removal of the song and explore the implications for both Tebza De DJ and the family of the late Peta Teanet, whose music was allegedly sampled without permission.

Reason 1: Allegations of Illegal Sampling

One of the main reasons why "Ka Valungu" was taken down from Spotify and other digital music platforms is the allegation of illegal sampling. According to research, the song is essentially a remix of Peta Teanet's "African Vibes Part 2" from his album "King of Shangaan Disco," which was released shortly after his tragic death in 1996.
Tebza De DJ's unauthorized rendition of the track retained the melodic vocals of the original but added more infectious and refined piano beats to the production, giving it a fresh and contemporary feel.

The issue at hand is that Tebza De DJ allegedly did not seek permission or obtain the necessary rights to sample Peta Teanet's vocals.
This raises questions about intellectual property rights and copyright infringement. The family of Peta Teanet claims that they were not compensated nor consulted for the remake of the song, which they consider to be an illegal use of their late relative's voice.
They argue that using someone's voice without permission, especially when they have passed away, is a serious offense and warrants legal action.

Reason 2: Copyright Complaint and Removal from Streaming Platforms

As a result of the allegations of illegal sampling, a copyright complaint was filed, leading to the removal of "Ka Valungu" from music streaming platforms like Spotify and iTunes.
The family of Peta Teanet has been actively reaching out to Tebza De DJ, but their attempts to communicate have gone unanswered. They express their disappointment and frustration, emphasizing that the unauthorized use of their late relative's voice is not only a violation of their rights but also a disregard for his legacy and the emotional impact it has on the family.

The family is seeking resolution and compensation for the alleged damages caused by the unauthorized sampling. They have reportedly initiated the legal process and are considering launching a lawsuit against Tebza De DJ for an estimated amount of R20 million.
The family also aims to investigate who gave Tebza De DJ permission to remix Peta Teanet's song, including DJ Maphorisa, who was seen playing the song in a video clip. They believe that understanding the roles of those involved will shed light on the extent of the infringement and potentially strengthen their case.

Implications and Conclusion

The removal of "Ka Valungu" from Spotify and other digital stores highlights the importance of obtaining proper permissions and respecting the intellectual property rights of artists, especially when it comes to sampling.
This incident serves as a reminder that unauthorized use of copyrighted material can have legal and financial consequences.

For Tebza De DJ, the removal of the song from streaming platforms not only affects his reputation but also potentially exposes him to legal action and significant financial liability if the lawsuit proceeds.
It is crucial for artists and producers to be diligent in securing the necessary permissions and licenses before incorporating copyrighted material into their work to avoid such complications.

On the other hand, the Teanet family's pursuit of legal action reflects their determination to protect their late relative's legacy and ensure that his voice is respected and compensated for its use.
Their case raises important questions about the rights of artists and their families, especially in cases where the artist is no longer alive to advocate for themselves. In conclusion, the removal of "Ka Valungu" from Spotify se